Roulette Games

Come and play of the most popular casino games in the world; American Roulette! Roulette is a game with European Origins, but its popularity has since spread worldwide and particularly the United States, hence why American Roulette is now such a popular casino game. We are proud to host American Roulette at Palace Casino in the heart of Romania in Bucharest!

This wheel-based game is hugely popular worldwide due to how easy it is to play, along with its social and entertaining aspects. The game of roulette is based around the chance that a wheel will land on a certain number when spun.

American Roulette is unique in how many betting options players have. For example, you can place bets on the ball landing on a single number, a colour of number, a specific type of number, or a range of numbers. You will win chips if a number or colour that you bet on is chosen when the wheel comes to a stop. These options add to the unpredictability and excitement of betting!

The roulette table is managed by two people; a croupier and a dealer. When you get to the table, your money or chips will be changed into coloured chips made specially for the game. There will be minimum and maximum bet information displayed clearly for you to see.

When the dealer announces that you can place a bet, they will start the ball spinning, and you must then move your chips to show your bet preference. The dealer will tell you when you may no longer place bets, and you will then wait for the wheel to come to a stop. If your bet has lost, your chips will be removed from the table. If your bet has won, you will be given more chips to play with.